Did you know there is a new Kid on the block?

Webtalk is the new Social Media that is just starting and going Gangbusters?

Do you know why?

Webtalk is paying members 50% of its income, Wow.

50% of Facebook’s revenue is over $20 BILLION per year.

Would you have liked a share of that amount?

They do not share any of their income.

Webtalk is sharing 50% of its income with its Pro members.

50% of Webtalk’s revenue for LIFE, all for less than than $0.60 US per day?

10% revenue share BONUS that pays 10% through 5-levels of referrals, then refer 10 PRO customers to cover the cost of your PRO service.

Only the first 1 million members to go PRO or refer a PRO customer will receive the 5-level commission plan.

After the 1 million bonuses are awarded, the rewards program drops to 10% for 1 level (direct referrals only) for all other members.

Once Webtalk reaches 1 million PRO customers, they will be paying out up to and over $100,000,000 in commissions every year to members.

Webtalk is also planning to launch a mini-IPO where only PRO customers will be eligible to purchase shares of Webtalk stock.

They are offering 50% OFF FOR LIFE on the PRO Platinum package. That’s a savings of $200 per year for LIFE on amazing premium features like Spotlight Posts, Premium Messaging, Stealth Mode, Business CRM, AD-FREE, Advanced Search & Much More.

Just how much you earn is up to your ability needs when using Webtalk.

The opportunity is up to you and only you.


You must upgrade to PRO or refer 1 PRO customer to earn commissions from your 2-5 levels of referrals.

Commissions are paid on your level 1 direct referrals after successful enrollment into Webtalk’s free referral rewards affiliate program


Webtalk is free to join and just like all social media sites.

Many Entrepreneurs are joining the PRO as it is similar to linkedIn and they like the idea of a commission from their Followers.

The question, is WebTalk a scam or not

I myself has joined last September and followed its progress up until now half way through July 2019.

As of the first of July any PRO members who have followers that have joined the PRO will be paid out 10%.

I now have over a $100.00 US to be paid to me at the end of the month, That is half of my yearly membership.

It turned out to be a legitimate opportunity to be paid while using a Social Media site which no other does.

Company Overview

Owner: R J Garbowicz is listed as The Founder and CEO.

A look at the company website tells us that it is a very professional team building it and fixing any glitches quickly.

There are a lot of videos to follow its very professional progress.

Online business owners and like-minded Entrepreneurs are getting their business set up and running now which shows they have decided it is a goer.

It is very much like all the other social media sites but has used the best aspects of them and left out all the worst of them which a large number of Entrepreneurs are taking advantage of.


Products Review

The product is a social media site similar to LinkedIn where you can add friends, share photos, send messages, etc but with limits to 50 contacts for free members a month while PRO membership will have less limits depending on what level you are in.

Compensation Plan

SocialCPX is the 10% commission system that has just been released this month.

The commissions are from the 10% membership fees and advertising.

A commission will be paid out on purchased products and app subscriptions sold through the app store.

The commission is pulling in the open-minded Entrepreneurs chasing followers in the thousands.

You can generate revenue through sharing content as well.


many people are excited about what WebTalk offers.

The limit on the number of postings each month is a downer when you are free compared to f/book etc.

Would I recommend or join WebTalk?

I fully recommend it for Entrepreneur and business people.

If you do not join and invite followers you will soon find them inviting you.

Join and be at the top of the list or do not and be at the bottom of the list with very few as they will have gone with some one else.

The early bird gets the worm.

There are more videos to have a look at and landing pages now for new members to work with.


If you only want to have contact with family and friends then it may not be your cuppa tea.

In Facebook you have your friends, Facebook friends and business relationships all together. All your Facebook timeline is visible to every follower of yours, unless you choose who can see it as an individual.

You have control of what is seen by your followers and the internet.

Referral Commissions

Webtalk will share its revenue with its premium members. Linkedin has premium members but does not share its income.

Webtalk will be sharing its advertising which will be similar to Facebook.

Affiliate Program

The affiliate program will allows members to earn revenue by helping the company to make money which is big business now on the internet.

Review: 4.5 out of 5 Stars

Webtalk is a better way to manage relationships than any of the other social media sites.

It is a better way of share information that is not offered on others social media sites. You can have controls over professional and personal followers.

I want to help you take advantage and share in the wealth of this great new platform.

A message from the CEO, 12/7/2019 , R J Garbowicz

Founder, CEO and Chairman at Webtalk

We’re very excited for the next couple of months as we strive to launch new features, tools and enhancements to all of our services.

Next week we are planning to launch our Getting Started Steps, which is a 4-step process to help all new users create success with Webtalk.


> This step helps your contacts find you, helps you get discovered for opportunities, and qualifies you to earn referral rewards.


> Import your Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail contacts to find and connect with people you already know using Webtalk, and invite those who aren’t on Webtalk yet to connect with you on Webtalk to earn referral rewards


> Complete the free enrollment process in Webtalk referral rewards affiliate program to earn real cash rewards


> PRO features help you meet new people, manage your relationships better and now it qualifies you for the 5-level referral rewards commission plan BONUS when you upgrade to PRO.

We are also making big improvements to our “invitation to connect” emails to increase inbox delivery and help you get more referrals.

Right now, you are limited to inviting up to 2,000 email contacts via Webtalk’s invitation platform. However, we are updating it so all PRO members will be able to send out up to 2,000 invitation emails per month through our platform

****uploading purchased lists is strictly prohibited***

PS: You can also use mailchimp or constant contact to send larger volumes of emails to invite your contacts with a custom email if you are interested in acquiring more referrals.

>>> We have a very long list of pending updates for the next 1-8 weeks including adding more options such as PayPal & Payoneer to cash out your referral reward commissions, our new Welcome Tour, more UI improvements, 7-Day free trial for PRO features, improved on boarding experience and feature upgrades to all of our core products.

We are working to literally upgrade everything over the next two months before taking Webtalk out of its Beta phase.


> Over 2.85MM total users
> Alexa.com ranking jumped nearly 10,000 spots to the TOP 42K sites in the world this past month
> Over 2M daily engagements on Webtalk


That shows the progress in the last 12 month at Webtalk.

Who bothered to join Facebook in the first 12 months of its start?

Too bad if you are tunnel-blind.

With all the best of the top Social Media sites within Webtalk why would I myself with an open-mind not take advantage of an early membership.

I have as of the 7/16/2019 @ 6pm, referral Network Statistics,

It is now your turn to outdo my record.

Thank you for your time,

Tom Short.

Webtalk How to Earn for Life, Review

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