Wealthy Affiliate Review 2019: My opinion,

How to learn an online income is what many people look for on the internet. Honesty is my aim and I have found it. Wealthy Affiliate is the answer for me. This online university teaches everything about how to honestly earn an online income. Scammers, Please stay away.

Tom Short is my name and this is my Wealthy Affiliate Review.

I have been with Wealthy Affiliate for over two years and being 77 years of age with 23 years to finish learning the internet I am finding that it is the only place that has a proper all-round University to teach me all the facts of the internet lifestyle I need in my aging years.

With the huge membership of learners with all qualities of experience and most importantly teamwork ability I am finding that I am learning much quicker than in the past. I have been scammed out of $30,000 over the years by other sites and so-called entrepreneurs who were actually promoters, not coaches, teachers or leaders.

Honesty on the internet is in limited supply as most sites grab and run with the money of most people wanting to learn the internet. Thus causing the large majority of keen internet learners to fall by the wayside. Overcharging for most things on the internet is the norm.

Once established within Wealthy Affiliate $1.00 US a day is cheap as chips compared with the rest of the internet no matter where you live in the World.

With the internet, it is most important to have a mentor at your side encouraging you forward. Teaching you the little things you have missed in your classes. Making sure you revise your learning’s and following up with any updates when they come in. These are some of the real things that make an entrepreneur.

Wealthy Affiliate University is the same as any schooling you had in the past meaning you have to pay for it. No one was ever paid to go to school when growing up and it is no different now when grown up. Your ability is what will make or break you. Do the work and earn the rewards of life. It is your life and the choice is yours only. So take the bull by the horns and not scam yourself.

However, there are ways to make some money as you learn by inviting others to join and help with your own coaching as your experience improves thus teaching you to be a coach of the future as well. A win, win situation. Much of your schooling expenses are then covered. Once you really know the internet and if you have the ability to get 300 people to join in a year you will be invited all expenses paid from anywhere in the World to Las Vegas.

Join Wealthy Affiliate free, have a look around and see if it is something you can choose to cope with. A positive never give up attitude is a big way forward in life and it goes with the internet web as well. The internet is a big web of ways that everything can be done. It is not all black and white. It is easy to get lost in the internet web just like in the back streets of big cities.

Your ability is your guarantee of success. All the training is there for you to use it or lose it. I know as I have been there and done it by skipping lessons. Now going back and going through all the lessons one at a time. Revising and picking up the bits and pieces I have ignored or skipped. Thus failures and mistakes are only a stepping stone towards a life filled with the positive success of health, wealth and wellbeing.

Your life your choice.

You have the opportunity to sell on behalf of a company without having to manufacture or deliver the goods. Just promote through your site. That is what affiliate marketing is all about so you get a slice of the income.

Wealthy Affiliate only teaches you how to use the tools you are given within their site. Teaching you how to use the tools is a chance for you to create an income. As I have said the web of tools does take a lot of time to learn so do not rush. Many people pull out blaming WA when their patience to learn runs out. That is why I keep saying take your time and think of what I have said about myself rushing.

Learning to be successful is no different to school years. It is impossible to climb a mountain starting from the top. As you progress through the ranks you will find better ways to go back and upgrade your work. I started writing blogs maybe five or six years ago and looking back I think what a mess I made of them. Wealthy Affiliate encourages all to update with revision just like I am. We will be repeating things many times to get through to you just what you must do to succeed.

Your success is Wealthy Affiliate so aim to succeed. You need to learn how to turn your knowledge of your hobbies and experiences into your niche for people to learn. Just how to understand your SEO for Google to rank your work is a big learning curve that takes time and effort to be successful. Choose to market items that you have a true passion for.

Learning to outsell your competitors is a slow road. You have to go and learn how your competitors are selling so you can outsell them which is another learning curve. Wealthy Affiliate cannot do it for you. You have to do all the learning as you may not always be able to rely on WA.

When you promote Wealthy Affiliate to the World tell the truth otherwise you are becoming a scammer. Honesty is a must in WA. It is your bread and butter so do not make it go stale. Your WA team is your lifeblood of the future. Honesty is the best policy.

On this T is the best pol I see.On this T is the best Pol I see.

No exaggeration of anything to just make a sale as your site is there for the long term, not a scammer’s short term. Trying to get overnight riches creates short term future. Wealthy Affiliate is the bread and butter for a long term future so do not ruin it for yourself and others. You are a part of the team to look after it and it will look after you. Be sociable with all members as they are teaching you as well.

Learning keyword research, SEO, writing blogs, selling on eBay, Amazons and many more things takes time so do not rush through the lessons, just take your time with repetition until it is correct. Your ranking with search is very important. Your quality of income depends on your quality of learning. Your learning from all the components and training’s will give you a marketable website to earn good commissions. It is up to you to do the work needed to see the money you need.

Wealthy Affiliate does not promise anyone that they will make a fortune. They do offer all the components and training that you need to launch marketable websites and promote them so that you do earn commissions. It is up to you to do the work to see the money you hope for.

When you have a problem go back to the lessons about your problem subject for revision. If still stuck put in a question and a few members will help you. There many ways to receive an answer. You will get to know your helpers socially. The WA support team is available and prompt 24/7. Successful people IN WA help others become successful making Wealthy Affiliate a success to one and all that aim high with a positive attitude.

Starting with Wealthy Affiliate with very little experience takes time and your willpower decides your experience level of success. Your platform level of experience is only as good as you choose it to be. Do you drive a car? Have you driven through a red light? If you have would you blame the car or you the driver? Well, Wealthy Affiliate is your vehicle to drive. Your level of driving experience is of your ability and choice. Follow the WA road rules and have a pleasant trip through Wealthy Affiliate to the internet.

Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam. I know because I have been scammed and learned the difference the hard way. Their teaching techniques are very professional thus making your journey a pleasant trip through the web keeping track of your completed lessons. WA is boosting your sense of accomplishment.

Honesty is the best policy.

Remember Wealthy Affiliate is your school for how to make money online. As an individual, it is your choice which direction you go to make money online. Selling a product, through social media, emails, blogs, your eBook, eBay etc. You will then have a traffic generating successful website to make money with. Mastering social media is a must to learn for affiliate sales. Quality content creates quality conversions to engage your customers.

Every business starts out small and needs hard work to succeed. The internet is no different to have quality results. Wealthy Affiliate resources accelerate your hard work with teamwork and encouragement. Your results are based on your ability to stick with the effort so that quality results will show up.

Research is a factor leading to experience a key ingredient to success. Experience creates the ability to work smarter than harder for progress. Wealthy Affiliate helps build your experience by encouraging revision to pick up forgotten little bits and pieces like going back and crossing the T’S and dotting the I like we did in the Old World. Building up your experience comes with time so do not rush as I did.

Wealthy Affiliate is your equipment and resources supplied, your vehicle to take you down your road of the internet. You are the driver controlling your WA vehicle. Your skills as the driver will develop with time.

“Put Yourself on the Line and be the Master of Your Own Time.” Tom Short.

Please let me know if you understand all of the information and need more?

If you are happy with the information and want to join free and have a look around then click for your life’s wellbeing.

If you want a hand or talk to me then Skype me @, thomas.short46

I can then share my screen and go over anything in Wealthy Affiliate.

This is some of the Wealthy Affiliate lessons, courses, and videos.

Wealthy Affiliate Review 2019: A scam it is not

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