Is Wealthy Affiliate right for you? Read how Wealthy Affiliate can teach you how to start your own online business with Honesty and without spending a fortune on shiny objects. Team work creates positive success for all members and Future Entrepreneurs.

Learn and Earn
Learn and Earn

Name: Wealthy Affiliate
Website URL:
Price: Free, $49.00 a month, $359.00 a year
Owners: Kyle and Carson
My Overall Rating: 4.5 Stars out of 5

Do you want a legitimate opportunity and way to make an income online?

This review will be up your ally as it will help you learn the internet the honest way with Wealthy Affiliate. This is a long term quality university type education about affiliate marketing. Not a get rich quick scam. Long term education being updated for long term income generation.

Learn with careful concentration of all the lessons even when you think you already know the subject. You will surprise yourself of the new ways of just how the internet works after a Quality Wealthy Affiliate education.

I myself thought I knew a few lessons and was caught out and had to go back and learn some lessons again. I am helping you avoid making the same mistakes. I am not a salesman. I believe in helping all get, buy, learn whatever they want in life, not sell others what I want to sell. It gives me great satisfaction at my age, when others succeed because of my help and the Education with Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is the quality education that is helping me get ahead now after spending years being scammed out of my life-savings. Not only does it teach you how to use the internet it also teaches you how to become a coach for the internet. You can also earn an income as you learn as well.

Are you serious about learning to earn an income on the internet?

Within the internet consistency is important as you must always be up in front of the pack. Many visitors to the internet only have time to look at the front of a list, buy and disappear quickly.

You do not have to be full-time learning but you can learn part-time after hours etc. Long-term learning creates long-term earning the honest lifestyle way. Wealthy Affiliate is here for the long-term.

What I like about Wealthy affiliate.

Well Friends the name of the internet site that is my internet University is Wealthy Affiliate teaching you about setting up your own websites It is teaching you many courses all about setting up ways and means of earning money on the internet. Wealthy Affiliate is teaching what I call an honest system with many members who are learning coaching also teaching one another anything they know well about the internet and I love the Team work. If I can do it anyone can do it. Starting with the free trial to see if you want to buy the premium.

Who Wealthy Affiliate is for

Just about anyone can start an online business. Some of the members include young people fresh out of school, stay at home mums and dads, working people who want a side hustle, and even retirees like us.

When you start you can join up free to start, learning the basics to see if it is something you can work at for a healthy, wealthy learning way of life. Not everyone is in a position to put a positive effort into learning the internet. ARE you? The free start will help you get the feeling of positive success with it or not. Some pull out because of other commitments etc.

Joining the free membership at Wealthy Affiliate gives you an idea if you can do and cope with the internet. If you can cope and master the internet it is a must then to join the premium membership as if gives you a huge advantage with the amount of advice and lessons at your service.

You can remain free as long as you like. It is worth upgrading to a Premium Membership once you get the feel of it as it opens up a huge World of learning. It is an investment in yourself. Your life, your wealth.

The start gives you the chance to see the positive commitment of many premium team members who are always sharing their exciting progress as they learn each training step.

What you have Access to in the Free Starter Membership

  • Live help on the first 7 days,
  • 2 websites for the beginners training course,
  • A personal affiliate blog,
  • 10 free lessons on niche marketing
  • The affiliate boot-camp training, phase 1,
  • Up to 30 searches in Jaaxy, the keyword research tool,
  • An affiliate program,
  • The opportunity to earn while you learn,
  • One on one coaching for the first 7 days.

A video walk through,

Try it yourself

The Wealthy Affiliate lessons will take you a beginner, with no experience, through to having a beautiful affiliate website, filled with content, learning how to attract customers to your website for you to earn an income. There is a real Team work attitude of paying it forward here, and everyone encourages all newcomers to succeed. Your success is controlled by your positive effort and ability.

“Dreams are the ground work for action leading to results and finishing with success.” Tom Short.

The training at Wealthy Affiliate is designed with beginners in mind so as to put you on the right track, showing you one step at a time just how to build a solid foundation for your online business and do things an honest way right from the start.

A Million Premium Members

With over a million members learning the internet at Wealthy Affiliate it is creating an honesty within the internet that is not often seen. Wealthy Affiliate is a leader in teaching everything the right way to learn and earn. Learning to be an Honest Entrepreneur on the internet is very different to most so-called entrepreneurs who are not real coaches but are fly-by-night rip-offs.

Countries all across the globe are joining Wealthy Affiliate and language is no barrier. Age is not a barrier and attracts many retired people. Positive people do not let anything become a barrier.

What ever part of the World you live in there are members to help and encourage you 24/7. We all need help at times so do not fear to ask. Revisiting any of the lessons will help as well. Often picking up small section possibly missed first up. Revise, revise. Practice, practice.

Learn to Control the Internet WEB

The internet is a real spiders web that has many ways you can go which Wealthy Affiliate will help you with. With so many members if you ask a question about your way in the web you will find members will have a way to show you how, when, where and why you can improve on your project.

There are step by step classes that teach the entire process. They have tasks that need to completed before you move on to the next lesson.

When you follow all the training and do all the tasks, you will have an affiliate marketing website that can generates an online income. All income is completely up to your ability to learn and manage it.

The lessons are done in such a way that it’s very easy to work through so that you can work at your own pace. Kyle, the owner, does all the lessons and they are both text and videos.

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“No tunnel vision as an open mind goes places.” Tom Short.

The price per year has not gone up for many, many years and may not go up as far as I know.

Online Entrepreneur Certification (50 Lessons)

The 5 Phase, 50 Lesson course is only a fraction of the Education available to you. Affiliate Boot-camp Training (70 Lessons)

Affiliate Boot-camp is the next upgrade of 70 lessons for you. I call it Entrepreneur upgrade.

An Incredible Catalog of Industry Training.

You are only just starting as there are 1,000’s of training modules educating You about how to Work the internet with more coming every day. I expect to be still learning even on my one hundredth birthday.

I have only touched on the Education benefits in the Wealthy Affiliate Premium system just for you my friend. Joining me in Premium will prove that you have a positive future for the rest of your life.

Sure it will not be easy but it is better than sitting around in negative mode saying poor me and just waiting to die. I am of the opinion that the positives live longer than negative people. I only have to look over my fence seeing the grass growing over the mower and tools lying under the grass while the TV goes 24/7. 14 years younger than I am. Your Life Your Choice.

Upgrades within Wealthy Affiliate are updating all the time keeping up World trends. Nobody gets behind with technology here as the owners are young level headed family members with a lot of years ahead.

Owners: Carson and Kyle

Learn from the best

Kyle and Carson are the Founders of Wealthy Affiliate. They have a highly qualified team. Still young, still advancing new improvements. This old bugger is having trouble keeping up with them. It is great fun looking forward to learning their updates.

My overall rating: 4 1/2 out of 5.

I am very pleased with Wealthy Affiliate as I have been with them for 3 or 4 years, maybe more. Long enough for this old brain to start forgetting as I am only look forward to the future now a days.

We all learn so much here with our mentors and the WA team that I am always looking over the Wealthy Affiliate horizon for more. I should go back and revise some of the lessons as Wealthy Affiliate are always updating.

At 78 years of age I am forgetting little things. With 22 years of learning to go I am trying to keep up with Kyle and Carson’s upgrades. Revision is important. These are a few of my many reasons that I would give Wealthy Affiliate four and a half STARS.

Honesty is the best policy and that is in short supply within the internet. Help us make Wealthy Affiliate the Honesty Champions of the internet World.

Wealthy Affiliate Overview

Wealthy Affiliate has secure hosting quality rankings, better engagement, and a better experience for visitors with spam blockers. Website technical support is available 24/7. Powerful website security helps protect your site from malware and hacking.

With my review, I want to be fair and honest with you, accurate, and make your focus on this product as helpful for all to understand. That is what I support, that is what is best to teach, and that is what those that are succeeding online with any sense of sustainability should be doing. Wealthy Affiliate is showing an inherent responsibility as a leading affiliate marketing platform in the industry to prove honesty is the future of the internet.

Within Wealthy Affiliate one policy is to teach ethical marketing which creates long term customer satisfaction while combating false promotions that are scams chasing fast money at the expense of the customer. Long term customer satisfaction is the future within the internet.

Making money on the internet is not easy other wise there would not be any real workers, bankers, bakers or undertakers. Consistent, persistent hard working effort to learn and keep up with the ever changing internet is the backbone to then earn anywhere including Wealthy Affiliate.

Hosting is available from Wealthy Affiliate. Building a website and having quality hosting is supplied. Site health is monitored and indexing, ranking, with Google, Bing and Yahoo is set up. And more just for you to work with.

Who is Wealthy Affiliate for.

If you are willing to take the time to learn the internet you must be prepared to work hard learning everything put in front of you. Your education growing up is the same principal needed to learn a very complicated internet system which can take you in many directions depending which directions your wishes want to take you.

So whats the risk of joining Wealthy Affiliate?

Your effort and your ability to learn and earn is all up to you. Falling behind is yours to lose. Your ability is your success as everything needed is at your fingertip. You are with like-minded people which will help your ability to go forward. Your team helps create your power at performing well. Seeing your teammates making an income adds inspirations to your aspirations. Your success is yours to lose or Win.

No person became a doctor over night and learning the internet is no different. Do you have the ability to still learn with an open mind? Then go ahead and start making sure you do not encourage tunnel vision which I see a lot of on the internet.

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An open mind looks at everything good and bad picking out new ways forward. Henry Ford did not invent the modern Mustang. It came about by learning from all those upgrades through out the life of the motor industry. Perfect today leaves room for improvements tomorrow some where. You must keep an open mind Always.

Start with the basics and learn to be a Mustang.

Who is Wealthy Affiliate not for.

Many people are looking for the opportunity to make money overnight on the internet which is impossible to do with honesty. Negative attitudes do not last long on the internet. Many start and all they want is give me, give me. However, the few % who gave a bad reviews are ex-members who couldn’t make big money over night so to speak.

Most young people this day and age are spoiled and not interested in, the give and receive of the past, this day and age.

Life was not meant to be easy. The dishonesty on the net encourages the ‘give me ways’ and give almost nil in return. This is the type of people that Wealthy Affiliate is not for.

What I like about Wealthy Affiliate.

I have enjoyed my progress through Wealthy Affiliate as I now have many blogs etc., on the internet now. I have chosen how to learn the internet as a niche as well as being positive with Health and Wealth giving me three niches to work with.

What I do not like about the product.

There is very little that I do not like about Wealthy Affiliate. Maybe it is because I have been scammed out of most of my savings over the last ten years by so-called entrepreneurs. The honesty within WA is spoiling me helping me get over the scams of the past. I still cannot think of what I do not like about Wealthy Affiliate.

Is the Wealthy Affiliate easy to learn how to use.

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Learning the internet is not easy. The best way for you to learn it will take time for everyone even those who think they know quite a bit about it. The best way to learn is to start at the beginning and do not jump around even if you think you know all about that lesson.

As you learn you will find that you will gain enough experience to start being a coach as well which can help you earn as you learn. Also you can earn as you learn by recruiting outsiders to join Wealthy Affiliate. If you end up with 300 people joining in a year you will have a free trip to Vagus from anywhere in the World.

Revision is a must as your going forward. Going back often helps you pick up a better understanding of what you have already been through. Again do not let that tunnel vision get to you. I am repeating much here as repetition creates success for all education.

“If You Believe in Yourself them the Journey Begins with You.” Tom Short.

Wealthy Affiliate has good support.

There is over 1.2 million members in Wealthy Affiliate which shows just how much support there is within Wealthy Affiliate.

My overall opinion.

Wealthy Affiliate is The only place to learn the internet at a decent price and with honesty all round. Many members tell their story of their past about their losses reinforcing my Opinion I am and you too can be on the right track as a winner in Wealthy Affiliate. It is your investment in yourself with many friends here to keep you on track.

There are others teaching similar to Wealthy Affiliate. The only difference is first the price. Then more up to date training with extensive courses. Followed by more experienced members adding lessons as well. Which I call Teamwork. Teamwork helps all to be positively encouraged to keep up and running forward without looking back or feeling discouraged.

I am not a sales person. I have worked with sales people for over 30 years as a manager and hate them. I believe it is best to help people with quality advice only for what they want to buy not what a sales person wants to sell.

We of the internet have an obligation to provide all customers with insightful, truthful, information and to do so in a way that helps them make an educated decision. This level of help will create trust and will lead all to establish one another as a respected authority to online customers and friend. Looking after your friendly customer for life is the aim at Wealthy Affiliate which brands you as a trusting adviser always.

Now that you have come this far I would like to invite you to join me here at Wealthy Affiliate, I will see you on the inside.

“Put Yourself on the Line and be the Master of Your Own Time.” Tom Short.

Thank you for your time, Tom Short.


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