Wealthy Affiliate is an honest fair University and that is why I chose it over the others as I have been scammed in the past. Price wise it is value for money.

Wealthy Affiliate is all teamwork which accelerates our ability to learn the ways of the internet in what ever way you want to go.

to learn internet.com

When and if you really want to learn the internet you will find when you have settled into the yearly ways to learn the net you will realize that you are only paying less than a dollar US., a day. There is very little you can buy for a dollar a day this day and age.

The biggest help you will soon realize is that other members when they are helping you will be stopping you from adopting a negative attitude. Encouragement is positively contagious as team working among the Wealthy Affiliate family is never far away. Just a call of Help will soon bring about results.

Now is Always the Time to Learn and to Earn

It is not easy to make money on the internet so the many ways to get results are taught within the system. Even getting others to join as premium members will create an income for you. Anyone who gets 300 members in a year will get an all expenses paid trip to the annual weekend in Vegas.

“Fear is the foundation of those that make a plan for success.” Tom Short.

There are hundreds of lessons to learn from and are growing every day. Many are added by members as part of their learning curve and it is encouraged. Never jump the rows of lessons otherwise you will get lost in the web of it all. A word of advice, I did and had to start again. New upgrades on the net are coming up all the time so thinking you know a lot never ends. Even after a hundred years, they are always coming up with technology to improve cars, planes, and trains every day.

Now and Forever is the Time to Learn

I am nearly seventy eight years of age and will be still learning in twenty two years time. So join me and be a lifetime learner. Many people stop learning when they retire from the workforce and then start to sit around waiting to die. Not me I want to go places now. Learning the internet is helping me to keep dementia at bay. The last thing I want to be is brain dead but still alive.

When joining do not rush your journey in the step-by-step ways forward as it is just as easy to lose your way. Repetition is a must as it is easy to lose your way around the web. Many people give up as they get lost in the web. That is the reason that there is an encouragement within Wealthy Affiliate to help one another just like any family member would. The WA family is about one and a half million members Worldwide. Ask a question and it will come in many forms from around the World.

After joining the free membership you can learn the starting lessons. If you have no experience on the net then it will take a long time to learn the many ways to make money. Do not get discouraged but look listen to other members how they coped. Positive steps forward are what life is all about. Children do not qualify for the university at five years of age. Just remember we all start the internet this way as children of it. It can be easy when you take your time to learn the step-by-step.

Wealthy Affiliate is the Quality University

Learn and Earn
Learn and Earn

Wealthy Affiliate teaches us all how to choose our niche which should be your favorite topic be it health, gardening, making children’s toys or knitting. Whatever you know a lot about and like researching all the time. I myself like writing about being positive with health and wealth as one is no good without the other when six foot under.

Once you have started you website you can earn through affiliate marketing selling products you are familiar with or using. Learning to sell on the net is not easy but with the help and encouragement you will get there with positive encouragement from the many family team members.

It is best to concentrate on the finer points of your experiences as it will be then a quality niche. Selling items in the affiliate system means you do not have to handle any products and just receive a small commission for your promotion of it.

Put into Motion Your Promotion

People are busy and your promotion of a product is an easy buy for many people especially when they get to know you as trustworthy and that is the goal of WA to encourage honesty within the internet which is in short supply.

Once you join and start learning you should get 20 lessons free and your own website. Once you get the hang of it then you can upgrade where you can get a more professional look and attitude to your internet growth and workload on the internet. No turning back now attitude becomes the way of positive lifestyle now for you.

Be A Starter not A Loser

You can start the premium membership for $19 US, then it becomes $49 a month, or $359 a year. Although at the end of the year there is a Black Friday special at $299 a year. That is what I mean by less than a dollar a day to learn the internet. Be it in your spare time or all the time as it is a big learning curve especially if you are an old-timer like I am. So, become a Master of your own time. Now my quote about it.

“Put Yourself on the Line and be the Master of Your Own Time, Tom Short.

I have hundreds of my own quotes. Just one of my niches.

Learning to earn money honestly on the internet and sell products as well is rare so be a Champion of the people when you learn affiliate marketing through emails, social media etc. There are many different ways to sell through social media but most of all you must build a following as most people will be looking for a reliable honest person to buy from. You are the shop front for all products that you sell, your online business.

Learn by Video at WA

You can learn to sell by video when you get into all the training. Most of the videos on YouTube are by people like you who have learned online. Have a look at them and you will see they are no different to you. Give everything a go and you will soon find your calling.

You will learn how to link all your products to your social media, emails for all to see. Many members will show you how they do things their way, as they say, ‘there are many ways to skin a cat’ so be open-minded to all ideas put forward. That way you will learn a better way than others. I myself find that the majority of the World are ‘Tunnel Blind’ and cannot see the Forrest for the trees as they say.

Keep your mind open and learn from all as you will know more than the others who think they know everything.

As you navigate through the rest of your life be open to collaboration. Other people and other people’s ideas are often better than your own. Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you spend a lot of time with them and it will change your life. ~Amy Poehler

The following is young mothers post to the WA community of her first year at WA.


Would you like to be successful like this young mother? I know I would want to be.

Keyword Tool

Placeholder Jaaxy is the place to find your keywords to help Google show your niche in its right category where customers can find what you want them to buy. If you were selling hats you would not want your site showing up in shoes. You would go to Jaaxy and ask, ‘How do I buy hats?’

Jaaxy would give you many how customers ask how to buy hats. You would then choose the one that most people ask and the least sellers use to start their post title with and also within your first sentence.

Thanks for your time,

Tom Short.

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