How to Start Menu Searches and Use Google Instead of Bing on Windows 10

1. Set Google Chrome as your default browser

In order for this fix to work, you will need to have Google Chrome set as your default browser. If your default browser is not already Google Chrome, you can change it by opening up the Settings menu and going to System > Default apps. Under Web browser, click the browser that’s currently set as your default app and choose Google Chrome from the pop-up menu. If you don’t see Google Chrome as an option, you should probably down load it and install it on your PC.

The same again with Firefox above Chrome click on it.

If you have any trouble get your son to install them for you.

How to learn to use a new computer at 74 years of age.

Hello, Jennifer,

To learn how to make beaded jewelry by the internet it is best to ask Google to show you the best sites for learning it. On going into the internet ask Google the following,


How do I learn how to make beaded jewelry?


Click under in Google Search.

Up will come the following, then go down below the ads and choose from the following.

Click on the Blue line above the links on the first one. “https://wwwth…….………..”

Here is a list of some of the best beginner’s free bead patterns. These bead patterns and projects are simple and quick to make, easy to bead, easy to understand, teach a variety of beadwork stitches and beading techniques.

Jennifer, you can choose from all on the first page to work through. Then go to the next page etc.

Learning to make bracelets is the first one.

Then try the second etc.

That should give you a good start for your making beaded jewelry.

Thanks, Jennifer for your time,

Tom Short.

How to Start Menu Searches and Use Google Instead of Bing on Windows 10

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