Finding a niche on YouTube is something a lot of people struggle with but it’s not as hard as some people think.

Coming up with niche ideas can be tough if you don’t know what you are doing.

Ask Google to show you the following.

Click under in Google Search.

Up will come the following, then go down below the ads and choose from the following.

Find a Niche on YouTube

The perfect niche is a compromise between your passions and what makes the most business sense to earn an income from that your audience is most likely searching for.

What is your Passion?

I know a person who has very Bad Heart Failure for over 25 years and is a perfectionist with medication etc. Thus it would be the best niche.

Your niche must only attract customers who are only interested in your main passion and not others who maybe only having a sticky-beak.

If you said health was your niche then it would be far too big as there are so many niches in health.

Picking the perfect niche on Youtube is essential if you want to get views and grow your Youtube channel relatively fast.

Here you can choose a video to learn from. Some will not teach you exactly how to choose and learn from.

Make sure you choose a niche with high volume traffic search.

I myself am learning ideas from some of them but I am mainly learning from a young man calling himself, Lazy Ass Stoner.

Years a go a so-called entrepreneur told me to find a teenager to teach me how to use a computer. Any way I have found a young man to show me how to find a good niche. I am still learning from him.

This is my choice.

Now his comment,

Lazy Ass Stoner

One of the biggest sticking points for a lot of newbie affiliate marketing seems to be the whole ‘choosing a niche’ thing so I make this video to show you guys exactly how to find a niche that’s both extremely profitable but also easy to rank for in the search engines. Coming up with niche ideas can be tough if you don’t know what you are doing but with these simple tips I’ll help you to get on the right track! This video is part of an affiliate marketing newbie crash course that I put together which can be found here:

Brand Yourself.

Choosing a profitable niche.

Get your site ranked in Google.

Most of all have fun helping one and all join your passion.

Put Yourself on the Line and be the Master of Your Own Time.” Tom Short.

I am almost 78 years of age and that means I still have 22 years of learning to go. If you are a learner as well, and if you are learning the internet why not join me and learn it the easiest and cheapest way with Wealthy Affiliate.

Thank you for your time,

Tom Short

How To Find a Niche on YouTube

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