To Earn you must Learn first the many ways to earn on the internet. It is not possible overnight as there are many for you to choose and learn the internet way.

When you go on a trip to areas you do not know do you use a map to find your way around the holiday city? Well the internet is just the same. Many main streets and side streets on the internet. So plan your trip through the internet carefully.

At first I did not and got lost. I new where I wanted to end up but tried some shortcuts which lost me a lot of time. Dead ends and one way streets are part of the internet as well.

Learn and Earn
Learn and Earn

One thing we must decide on with the internet is what subject is your Niche. Most important it must be your Passion in life that you enjoy the most and will not walk away from. One thing you never stop learning and talking about. It can be Sewing fancy rugs, playing Tennis of following special types of food recipes.

Many want to sell on Amazon and eBay which is another way to earn an income. Another is with Google Adsense. Work from home and handle incoming phone or live Chat service requests. Fiverr is another one.

Affiliate Marketing is popular as there is no handling of goods etc. Your blogs will earn the commission for you.

No 1 in Affiliate Marketing is Wealthy Affiliate University

No matter what you decide on you need help and guidance. We all need a mentor and a community to be part of. There are many out there. I myself am using Wealthy Affiliate. The University of California-Berkeley has videos and ways to learn online. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has online courses. There are video lectures presented by distinguished scholars and scientists at conferences, seminars, workshops and the like. Very little is free. Free to start is the norm with online of any kind.

The biggest thing with online selling is the customer. Where do you find your customers and how. Most rely on Social Media and Emails. There is another learning curve. When I first started years ago I learned how to sell online at great expense. The last thing I was then told was to go and learn how to sell through social media.

At my age I was not interested in any of that type of thing. When I was at school I learned how to jump four hurdles which I was the best at it. They put me in a race against other schools. In the race I took of and was out in front for four hurdles. The only problems there was about eight hurdles and I stopped as I had not learned on eight hurdles and ended up last. Every time you learn to do one thing there is another to hurdle. With the internet you must have a positive attitude and never, never give up as the end is pure Gold.

Gold is Wealthy Affiliate

Follow more people of your niche as well as we learn best from others. Teamwork is is the best. If you saw a race over a mile between a champion miler and a relay team of four do you think the champion would win, No.

Team up like I have with Wealthy Affiliate. We are all learning with one another and many are more experienced than others and are encouraged to help one another financially. Thus you can earn as you learn through team work.

The Team is Wealthy Affiliate

The World is moving away from the pen and paper to the online system so it is important us aging retires learn how the online system works. To make an income from it is important as it helps us try to avoid dementia and mentally moving forward to a longer life in the convenience of our own home, so for us aging people, going online to pay bills saves time, money, and frustration.

Learning and earning has family advantages as well. Any seniors whose families live else where or who are away overseas, computers can let you stay in touch in writing, by voice, or by video in this modern World. You can send messages, photos, and videos in real time.

When you sometimes have a problem you can write a question in Quora and someone will give you some answers. Select from the answers you have received and your question may have a great answer. When you become better at it you may be invited to work through Quora as many people this day and age need things written as they do not have the time in this busy World of today.

Be a Learner

Learning from YouTube is another way through video demonstrations of many subjects and your niche will will be improved in many ways. You will learn how to use and also make videos. Over time you will be amazed at just how much you have learned but one thing, repetition and revision is a must for our aging ability.

Once you have learned how to blog you can write for Fiverr just like I mentioned earlier. Flippa is one that sells them for you. Mighty Networks is another. Blogger, Wix Sites are there to investigate as well. Some will not always suit everyone.

Blogging is a specialty at Wealthy Affiliate

Blogging is my favorite and I use the Wealthy Affiliate University to learn first then earn. Every day I learn something new. At 78 years of age I still have 22 years of learning to go. I have so much positive encouragement from the team that I will get there. Seniors are welcomed every day.

So what are you waiting for? You too can become a computer wiz and join the millions of people who surf the web daily. And, you can learn this new skill and make it fun at the same time. Your own aging Affiliate Marketing Program.

Practice improves your ability. Brings out your creativity. Helps you to Self-Reflect your How, When, Where and Why your actual goals and aspirations are going so you do not start to a tunnel vision way of thinking. Keep an open mind as most people become overwhelmed and lose their way along the journey. In other words no giving up now because your journey is another golden moment for your life. Now Reward Yourself and keep going.

Simply easy to join WA

Keep it Simple still and you will keep learning. I am still learning with Wealthy Affiliate and going back over from the start and finding new simple ways that I missed. As we are aging we must keep revising our work and with the team workers around me, I find improvement time and time again that keeps my head up and going forward.

There are so many tricks to learn as the internet web can send you in a different direction. That is why I am sticking with Wealthy affiliate through thick and thin. When joining there is the normal Boot-camp with 7 courses with 70 lessons, 13 classrooms, Many event videos, Online Entrepreneur Certification 50 lessons, Tutorials at least 500 and growing, many from members which may be you in the future if you join, and then start earning internally as well as externally.

Wealthy Affiliate is Opportunity Plus

Opportunities are unlimited within Wealthy Affiliate. The biggest problem with WA is that you will not be let become negative. Every day there is positive encouragement from someone. Every day there is a problem for someone and other members come forward with advice and help. Even when members have a crises with health, family’s, accidents and even earthquakes members will come forth with encouragement. No one is left out where ever you are in the World.

Start now and write. Write whatever you are thinking about. Your brain will then automatically bring up thought and keep inspiring you with what to write about. The more you write the better your ideas will improve. After you have written your thoughts down a few times you will get ideas just what you would want to write about in your blogs. Enhance your blogs by practice and reviews. Creativity becomes naturally productive. Let your imagination take off to great heights stirring creativity.

No Fear or Stress at WA

With our aging years we have many years of experience behind us. Brainstorm with ideas you do not have to look far for inspiration. These thoughts could eventually transform into bigger and better blogs. Stress may have slow your start but by now has faded to excitement. Can you not feel the difference now. Excitement kills stress and anxiety. Negativity is now history while improving your skills. Even improving your memory helping avoid that aging problem we all fear, Dementia.

Writing about your day-to-day thoughts is also great practice for improving your memory. Our brain tends to remember things more clearly when we write about them. Add a bit about your past life to prove you are a real human being, not a robot like the modern World now thinks. So join me at Wealthy Affiliate and live your life longer with the one and a half million team of the future.

It is your life, use it or lose it, Your choice.

Thank you for your time, Tom.

“Put Yourself on the Line and be the Master of Your Own Time.” Tom Short.

How to Earn Online in the Retirement Years

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