To Earn an Income for Life Is to join before beta testing is finished. Your choice if you have an open mind and not tunnel vision. Free affiliate membership. All You have to do is invite followers.

You will continue to earn from the down-line that forms after beta. The only thing that will change is no one will be able to refer affiliates after beta testing. I don’t expect beta testing to end anytime soon, but the most successful Webtalk affiliates will have a lot of affiliates BEFORE beta testing ends.

Have you joined Webtalk?

Are you an affiliate?

How to upgrade to affiliate? Invite people to follow you in Webtalk and fill in your profile.

When Webtalk starts sharing its revenue, everyone who has invited people will be paid, affiliates and non-affiliates. But affiliates will be paid when the people they invited buy through Webtalk up to 50% commission, and for the people those people invited and so on for 5 levels on separation.

If you want to be paid for more than the people you invite, you will want to be an affiliate. To be an affiliate, you have to complete your profile and sell at least 1 premium package to one of the people you sponsored. These premium packages provide additional features and cost about $30 a month.

No purchase by you is necessary to be a member unless you want to upgrade. Your choice only.

It’s a long distance between where Webtalk is today and where it will need to be in order for us to earn anything directly from this platform.

Lift your game up with Webtalk

Webtalk has a lot to accomplish to finish the platform and few people to do it. And there is no way of knowing how well the platform is going to be received when it is finished.

Webtalk is a great place to meet and connect with people, especially business minded people.

I believe I am in position to earn from the affiliate programs I intend to promote.

I suggest not waiting for Webtalk to complete the work that has to be done before we earn the revenue sharing. Let me help you benefit from the platform as it exists today.

This is like all social media sites when doing normal business so go to it and work it as it is much the same as LinkedIn.

While Earning from Webtalk, Learn and earn from Wealthy Affiliate

The big Value here for You is You will be Paid for any of your followers who buy through Webtalk.

Those who join after the beta testing is finished will not be able to refer affiliates when beta testing is finished. I don’t expect beta to end anytime soon.

If you want to earn an income for life after it is finished then join now.

If you have an open mind you will join now. If you have tunnel vision you will not. Your choice so win it or lose it. No crying over spilled milk later on.

The quality of the work coming through from the members is superb. Those who have joined are top quality Entrepreneurs.

Become a Mastermind Entrepreneur

Below is the projected release schedule for the next several updates to wrap up our core free product offering.

Once the new features in the following updates are released, tested and stable, Webtalk will close out the Beta testing and begin deploying new services such as Pages, Pro and SocialCPX.

v2.18 | Scheduled Release: 1/30/2019

v2.19 | Scheduled Release: 2/13/2019

v2.20 | Scheduled Release: 2/27/2019

Soon you will be able to post to Slack, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook from Webtalk. Six month on and now over 2.1 million users. Do your thing you will be one of the 20 million Webtalk is aiming for by the end of the year?

Join the Early Millions

Lots of new features in the works. Both releases should go live within the next month or so. The largest update is on track to complete Beta testing and releasing all core Beta features for our free consumer product before the end of March if everything remains on schedule. They are working hard on Pages for Businesses and Entertainers so that service can launch as early as April.

When the Pages are completed, we can release our Pro Premium features and our SocialCPX affiliate program. The Ball will then start rolling for only the lucky members who joined before the beta testing finished. If you would like to be a lucky lifetime member earning a commission from your followers who you invite to join and follow you then join and start inviting whoever you like by email, social media etc.

Webtalk, Earn while you Learn

A message from Webtalk for you, “When Webtalk is fully built out to meet our vision, you’ll be able to manage and build all types of relationships, and the value of your entire network will be accessible on-demand.

No matter if there is a product you want to purchase, a service provider you want hire to work on your home, a person you want to hire for your business, an investor/partner you want to work with, or a vendor you need to help you on a project… a quick Webtalk search will allow you to find the best person, company or product that has already been vetted by people you know and trust.

Once you have found what/who you are looking to find, all of the next steps will be managed in the same place to save you time, money and frustration.

Webtalk Works

Webtalk is working to help you put your life on auto-pilot so you can focus on honoring your commitments and creating success instead of spending countless hours, days and weeks researching, marketing and establishing the relationships needed to take to you to the next step.

We are on a mission to create the world’s first trusted global economy where trust is established on-demand to shorten the time it takes to create more successes in your personal and professional lives.

Please join us on our mission by completing your profile, and inviting everyone you know to Webtalk.

In exchange, we are offering you revenue share for life on all revenue generated by the people you refer to Webtalk.”

Join Webtalk and Earn

Earn while you learn at Wealthy Affiliate

A game-changing News-feed.

More from Webtalk,
1) Social Syndication: Post to Slack (includes custom channels), LinkedIn, Twitter & Facebook from Webtalk

2) Video Slideshows: Add multiple YouTube and Vimeo videos into the Newsfeed slideshow creating your own video playlists and video stories.

3) Link previews: Share links that instantly grab content and images from the links to provide a preview to your viewers

4) Improved Newsfeed filters and search

Once these features are released, we believe we will have THE BEST NEWSFEED on the Internet, giving you back control over what you see and share in addition to saving you valuable time.

Send one post everywhere and quickly find the news you want using state-of-the-art media filters, channel filters and search.

Your newsfeed can already filter your news by a group and by media type… TRY IT!

Just click the “video” icon to turn your feed into all videos like YouTube, or the “photo” icon to turn it into all photos like Instagram, or click the “file” icon to turn it into all files like email and Dropbox.

Then use the group filter to sort your news by your personal and professional networks, or your groups within those networks.

Easily find all files posted by your colleagues, photos posted by your friends and videos posted by your family in a couple easy clicks.

Moving forward, we look to release Pages for Business, Pro premium features, and our free SocialCPX affiliate program all by this summer as well as our native iOS and Android apps.

We have a lot in store for 2019!

Do you have Tunnel Blindness or are You Joining Webtalk?

*Social Syndication
-Post to Slack, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook from Webtalk

*Enhanced Newsfeed
-New Talkbox Design
-Link Previews
-New Search Filters
-Improved Search
-Share Consolidation (mutual connections)
-Videos added to slideshows (YouTube and Vimeo)

*Videos (YouTube and Vimeo)
-added to profile gallery
-added to searchable cloud storage

-Previews added to Newsfeed
-Previews and thumbnails added to profile gallery
-Previews and thumbnails added to cloud storage

-Social media link previews (webtalk blog and profile links)
-Shortened URLs

-Improved search
-Improved import, find and invite email contacts

Not Much Time Left to Earn while You Learn

The largest update is we are on track to complete Beta testing and releasing all core Beta features for our free consumer product before the end of March if everything remains on schedule.

This means we are also working hard on Pages for Businesses and Entertainers so that service can launch as early as April.

We can also focus on native iOS and Android mobile apps once the Beta is completed. Once Pages are completed, we can release our Pro Premium features and our SocialCPX affiliate program. Future is yours to Win or Lose.

“Put Yourself on the line and be the Master of Your Own Time.” Tom Short.

Thank you for your time,

Tom Short.

How to Earn an Income for Life

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