After watching the video “Explode my payday” supplied, I looked further into it as it had me worried as I have lost money on many scams.

My opinion is only one of many that seem to be looking at it and worried about it.

There are a few people giving a good review of it but they have the same method of writing and setup but with different people which gives me the opinion of a setup as there are no comments after the reviews of any kind. I found this very strange. If they were genuine testimonials why do they seem to have been written by the same hand?

Does the product have good support.

There are no comments for it. What does that tell you? I have not found anything to like about it. I would like your opinion. Is it for you or not?

Have a look at the reviews of “Explode my payday” and form your own opinion with care.

It is easy to con new-comers to the internet. I know as I am an elderly one who has found out the hard way, so I am very cautious.

My wife told to have a look at it so here is my opinion. Scam or not.

Making money with a website is not as easy as clicking a button, it takes MONTHS months of training in order to make money from any site even if you are a top Entrepreneur.

If you are just starting you will need training and mentoring for it is hard work to be able to build a website that makes money and if you want to earn $1000 a day you will need several years to reach this level of ability.

With legitimate affiliate marketing platforms, you have to go through an extensive training program learning the use of their proprietary software and programs that can take years and updates along the way.

You need traffic from search engines like Google and Yahoo by doing SEO or search engine optimization.

“Explode My Payday” is a website that says you can earn over $1,000 every day when you buy their site which is an autopilot program that makes money while you sleep.

BULL S..t.

It doesn’t even tell you how you’re going to do anything, or how it is even going to do it.

This one simple loophole can have you cashing 3 checks a week.

THREE in one week? Unbelievable.

I have never heard or seen that form of payment.

The photos of the people in it are often used in many advertisements and would not be real customers.

Meaghan Harper is a model being used to promote it in my opinion, who is on a 3 day recruitment drive to find 45 people in 45 cities she can work with to expand her business.

What business?

On the internet to get 45 people in 45 cities is very strange.

Getting people World wide is the internet system. Not small numbers in small areas. Then a $1000.00 a day from the first day….. Stop laughing. Have a look for yourself. And with less than 30 minutes effort. AM I DREAMING?

A second video then says some very weird ways how your income comes in as you go to a third page for you to make the first payment of $47.00.

All photos must be of models as they are only of young women. No men or older people.

It is not possible to make money as quickly as the advertisement says be it with Explode My Payday or anything on the internet the first week let alone the first day as has been claimed.

MORE Bull S..t.

The testimonials are the best way to make your product become credible, as testimonials really help sell your products.

Another testimonial is claiming $4000.00 a week. If it was possible then we would not be writing reviews but counting the dollars coming in.

Like most scams you join there is no training how to or when, where or why but now you must upgrade even though you are told in the video you have everything needed to make money quickly.

There is no concrete proof that an income is guaranteed so do your own thorough research before you pay up $47.00 to Explode my payday and on-sell your email etc.

Being a beta tester to prove it works before it goes public in a few months you will need to pay $5000.00.

Then your social media sites like Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook etc., will send traffic to your new sites that have been set-up for you to generate commissions.

By the way, do you have any social media sites to use this way?

Do NOT give them your contact details as they will sell your PROFILE TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER.

You will find other sites using the same photos used in other scams that are not on the internet for long once they are caught out. You will then see them shut down and find the same set up again but under a new name with a young lady called Meaghan Harper, both use the same videos, testimonials then almost the same setup.

Fake names, fake photos, means the real owners are in hiding as it is a big scam on the net. Then you are told you are the only person in your town to be given the rights to the site so hurry before you miss out.

Be smart and review all sites

If you’re a smart person and you’re reading this review, you will read reviews on anything before you give out your information and money.

Also, you must have a look at what’s written in the fine print, you will read that if you give out your email, you will start receiving offers on your inbox And when you join them, you agree that your personal information will be rented or sold to third party websites. Scammers do not want you to read the fine print.

Who is the product is for?

I do not know but think it is aimed at newbies coming into the internet.

Explode My Payday, does not have any training for you. they just want to get your email address and connect you with third-party sites that will cost you money.

Explode My Payday is a rehashed fake and that is the truth which they don’t even try hard enough to hide. These scams use the same fake owner, fake sales pitch, and fake testimonials of people earning ridiculous amounts of money using the system. “Explode My Payday” is nothing but a copy of all the other fakes.

Explode My Payday rating

My overall rating: X stars out of 5. In my opinion 0 Stars as I do not want any person out of pocket if I put in a higher star. I would not even recommend it to my worst enemy as it would end up hurting me more so.

The more we let the cat out of the bag about Explode My Payday the sooner it will be taken down and not hurt someone that is new to the internet that may fall for it.

How to be a friend to all.

I look after my friends and hope you will be a friend and help me in similar situations as Fake Testimonials Are All Over The internet.

Explode My Payday can be found in ClickBank so be careful. At least ClickBank has a refund policy which comes with their standard 60-day money back guarantee where you’ll be able to get a refund with no questions asked.

I have learned from reviews

As I have said, I have been caught out but that was before I started learning the internet properly with Wealthy Affiliate University. There I have been learning how to do affiliate marketing the right way.

“Honesty is the Best Policy.”

With a massive membership nearing 1.5 million members with many qualifications and encouraged to share them within the membership there is a lot of the internet information to learn from.

It is free to join to find out if it suits your ability. If it does and you join you will find that it will eventually as a premium member cost you less than a dollar US, a day always.

What can you buy everyday for only $1.00 anywhere?

I want to be with Wealthy Affiliate learning the updates for the next 22 years and be a hundred not out.

Time to stop preaching and step down.

Thank you all for taking the time to read my opinion about “Explode My Payday.”

“Put Yourself on the Line and be the Master of Your Own Time.” Tom Short.

Tom Short.

Explode My Payday, A Scam Exposed? Review