Why do we choose to do anything in life, good or bad, wrong or sad? Our life changes from day to day depending on mental choice at any given time.

Change your why. Why should I? Why and how should we do anything different in life.

We all fall into a rut. We naturally find ourselves falling into a habit that does not force us to think outside the box. That does not force us to put in more physical effort than necessary. The easy way to a life of comfort.

I own everything and owe no one. I have everything I need in life. I am nearing 80 years of age now. Why should I change? Should I now sit back and enjoy life, reading a book, watching TV, having snacks etc.? While waiting to die. Not I, said I in my Mind, Get Off Your Rear and LIVE it I said to myself.

So what do I do now?

You’re never too late, too early, or too imperfect to care for yourself or pursue your dreams. Dreams are one thing for your mind to work and build a plan from. The body is the worker to act with positive gusto to build and show the world you are still a contributor to its future legacy whether young or old.


There is always a why in our mind before we can do anything in life. Our mind will ask us many questions why we should do this or that? This is our chance to now become Negative or Positive. Ask yourself first am I tunnel-blind and looking for the easy negative way out or do I have an open mind to look for a positive exciting future?

Do You have a Why in Life?

Your quality of life does not have to change with retirement. Most super athletes reach physical top quality in life at thirty and a bit in life. By their forties, they have retired from professional sport. When we see this happening with them we must also understand that it is normal with every person alive. Our bodies are then starting to be affected health-wise without us knowing. So start looking after it better now because tomorrow never comes.

A guideline of life

It is the age to start thinking of your Why. Not when you are retired. Most people in retirement sitting back saying WHY did I not do something about it years ago. By the time our bodies start their aging progress in the thirties our brain is then maturing and taking over. It is time to choose our Why and what we are going to do about it. Especially health wise.

To have a profound impact on the quality of your life is Now, regardless of your age to identify and focus on why you should come or go in this or that direction with it. Your mind has to adopt a positive way to manage and resolve bad habits and bring on new healthy ways forward to an exciting future.

Motivation creates all that is possible.

Your mind may lay out a plan, but it must support the body so it does not turn negative. Our mind must be the biggest supporter more so than all your family and friends can be. The body must be supported so that its resolve can mannage its ability to change from poor or bad habits to satisfaction with the duty of careful success that the World will appreciate.

Drugs, smoking, alcohol, excessive food and fast food are some of the bad habits building up very early in life that will kill you around retirement age. Too hard is the norm. Why do you think governments many years ago set up retirement ages then, at the present age that they were then?

Maintain your Motivation

Because that was the average life-span age. Because of the present day medical World has now extended our lifespan immensely. Still, you should hold yourself responsible for all your health problems. Reduction of your health problems is firstly yours. Maintaining your quality in health now is better than relying others to solve the problems as miracles are rare this day and age.

Where do we start?

Start small and solve an easy problem. Your mind is the boss over your body and will say that was easy now so do the next easy one. That was exciting as well so let’s work on a bigger one while the ball is rolling the right way. The effort being put in creates encouragement to push ahead as it is becoming a habit with no looking back. The forward motion becomes contagious so that all parts of the body feel the relief.

Why did we let these problems get a hold in the first place? Maybe it was the busy lifestyle controlling out negative thoughts easing us into a lazy lifestyle. Why, how, now when do we stop? Negative thoughts are starting to creep in again. The nature of the beast within wants to slow down and relax. Relax is one thing but there must always be a responsible positive emotion within a never give up to addiction.

Keep your Why out of dark places.

Build up your willpower with excitement, emotion and satisfaction which are your super quality fuel for a forward positive power. The mind and body will blossom giving the World a glimpse of a new you that it will cherish. A retirement that will live the enjoyment of time.

By now the hard ones are now the easy ones as momentum will not slow for any reason. Willpower is the accelerator and reverse gear is missing. The negative storms of life have faded to a trickle that are easily splashed through.

Hold onto you focus forward.

Your Why should regardless of age be looking for the next challenge in life.

Your Why should regardless of age be looking for the next challenge in life. While you have a why in your life it will continue to want a healthy forward length to it. Imagine your life and where you want it to be at a hundred years of age and as you hit your nineties extend it another ten years. Thinking forward all the time helps your body cope with aging. Sure we may never get there but it will keep you emotional progress going forward.

Having a personal development plan acts as a powerful motivational tool to keep you on track for a strong longer life. I have an extension ladder for my goals in life so get up and join me in my climb to the top of life.

My why is to be still learning as a one hundred years old thus keeping the dreaded dementia at bay. The last thing I want is to be alive for years but with a brain that is dead in the water. No zombie life for me. Because we are all living longer dementia is creeping in for many. Doctors can keep our bodies alive but not our brains. Not I said I, Not I.

Think Young, Act Young, Live Long

Still young then think big and aim big. Where do you want to be at 60 years of age? Now that you are at 60 where do you want to be at 70 years of age? Now that you are at 70 where do you want to be at 80 years of age?

Your why must change with the times as the World is speeding up with new innovations every day. Thinking outside the box will keep the brain and body active. Family life does the same. So does friendship. We are of herd mentality as we want to exist within reach of one another no matter where we go.

Go forward with a Positive want regardless of age.

Seeing your future requires tremendous conviction on your behalf, go forward with a positive want regardless of age. Your whys will change as your life circumstance changes over time. Revisit your whys every so often for a refresh. Has it changed in any way downwards, if so get it back on track.

If you are not busy living you are dying

Having a lack of meaning with no purpose is just like being of no significance and sitting around waiting to die. Look around you at what is holding you back. Is it the company you are keeping? Then change your environment and upgrade your quality and habits.

Your why shows the World your valuable experience. The World is changing and the modern technology is not easy as we oldies are being left behind. I was told by a so-called entrepreneur to find a teenager to teach me how to use a computer.

Experience comes with age

I saw four teenagers on Facebook trying to use an old phone that was of the old type that you have to dial the number. They all had a go at working it. They dialed the numbers then picked up the phone but it was not working. All had a go as they reckoned they knew better how. The elderly person watching showed then how you pick up the phone first then dial, but that was after he was able to stop laughing himself almost sick.

The value of our aging population is not being recognized as many problems coming about in this modern World are easy for the elderly to fix because the old ways have not been passed down this day and age because the modern society does not value the knowledge of the elderly. The elderly have many invaluable ways to contribute to our modern society. The elderly are better at synthesizing information with experience because of their incite.

No excuses from now on as aging is not a barrier for a longer life. Put your mind to work that I am still young. Think young, live young, act young even relax at times and meditate your wishes convincing your body and mind that an active mind and body will live longest. Your belief in yourself strengthens your resolve with a wake-up call.

consistent action is consistent life

Have the hunger, have the heart, have the willingness, have trust in yourself creating your own potential life of success. Your creative potential is waiting and needs your action to go for it. How many excuses do you have? Then lay them out flat on the floor for all to see as you use them as your stepping stone path to your ladder of life’s success.

“Put Yourself on the Line and be the Master of Your Own Time.” Tom Short.

Thank you for your time, Tom Short.

Do You have a Why in Life?

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