This Back to Life Healthy Back Pain Review about Emily Lark’s Back to Life program is for a large section of the World’s population and I am, one in need it as well, so here are the facts from my review.

Back To Life Review Success At Last

It is because your pelvis and spine end up out of their natural alignment.

Back pain and sciatica have been a problem for myself and half of the people I know.

I have blamed repairing and painting cars for 50 years.

Although about 30 of those years was as a manager leaning and slouching over a desk and computer causing repetitive trauma to the body.

Life has become a lot easier for most workers this day and age, causing many to sit a lot in what may seem a casual position.

Where you ever in the Army?

Head back, chin in, shoulders back, forward march.

We do not have that type of training, so we now slouch along head down, back and shoulders rounded, etc., creating repetitive trauma to the back, neck and body.

Here I am telling you this while slouched over a computer.

I have a slipped disc and at least 5 worn discs according to x-rays.

I gave up work and retired 16 years ago and have been taking painkillers for years.

Repetitive Trauma

A doctor told me to stop taking them and sent me to a gym where I was given certain exercises to do which have helped.

However I have been doing gardening and jobs around the house since and have been only getting bad if I start to over do it.

I am getting much better results.

With this training from Back to Life I am getting much better results so last week I spent two hours bent over in the garden removing weeds.

I had no back pain but had a sore backside and thigh muscles for a few days instead.

Thanks, Emily Lark’s Healing in Motion.

Emily has been in the wellness and fitness business as a coach over 14 years doing pilates and yoga as well while researching the back pain she was suffering from since her childhood car accident.

Unlike Emily’s car accident injuries most repetitive trauma comes from bad posture when doing day to day poor work habits and not sitting up straight when relaxing at home or anywhere.

A simple stretch routine

Fix back pain with a simple stretch routine

No two people are alike and everyone will have a different variation of back pain that will need different exercise.

Weight problems, height, bone structure, etc., will also create different problems which can and may be felt in the back, but caused by weak stomach mussels.

The Back to Life healthy back system of Emily Lark is not hard work like going to a gym for hours, which then makes it easy to do for all ages and those who are short of time.

Learning to improve better posture is a big part of the lessons.

The, Back To Life program, was developed by Emily Lark who had injuries that created back pain as a child.

Emily Lark studied many ways to solve her problem the hard way by having the problem, a debilitating sciatica and back pain.

Emily was able to avoid life threatening surgery after another setback and end years of chronic back pain with one surprising stretch routine.

What is Back To Life?

Back To Life is light easy manipulation of the body and learning how to keep the right posture all the time.

Therapeutic exercises without overdoing it for a few minutes at a time during the day.

Back to Life program is designed to be low-impact, but effective.

Your muscles, tendons, and nerves are encouraged back into their normal posture.

Back to Life

There is a Level 1 video for a few weeks then progressing on to Level 2 or 3 after a while.

Level 1 is a complete healthy back routine that can be done siting on a chair providing you with the full set of back moves as there is no need to do them all on the floor.

The two hard parts are keeping your correct posture 24/7 and eating in a healthy lifestyle manner.

The end result is sciatica gone and most of the back pain gone unless you start to go back to the old ways that caused the problem in the first place.

How does Back To Life Work?

As I said earlier My Back Pain is a simple easy system of stretchers manipulating the bad posture habits back into place without over doing it as long as you follow the video’s instruction to the letter.

You will also learn from Back To Life

Light exercise can be just as effective as doing the hard yards in a gym.

The program involves twists, side bends, forward bends and back-bends, all gentle.

Your back and stomach muscles when strengthen will lessen back pain.

If your body feels sore from the exercises, you can wait a day before doing them again as they are telling you it is working at easing your back pains.

Weight loss will be a big help in avoiding back pain.

All information is in the videos and are easy and simple to follow with consistence.

The good part about it

The good part is that not only will it ease your back pain and sciatica it will build your confidence to be more active as long as you do not go back to your old ways.

It is a good video to revisit any time as revision when practiced will keep your focus going in the right direction.

As your back strengthens your quality of life returns giving you a better future in many ways.

The down side

You are the patience so be patient as the results take time just like your back pain took time to develop.

The only other thing is trying to not go back to the bad old habits.

I have repeated a few things for a reason and it is so you will learn to repeat, repeat and repeat to avoid recurrence of the back pain and sciatica.

In Conclusion

It is very simple, gentle physical stretches to strengthen your core muscles, stomach, hips, thighs and tendons.

It will transform your body posture and you will then attain a level of back support you thought was only available through surgery.

Back To Life helps you without the use of tablets, supplements or painkillers.

A health and wellness program that is for all ages.

$0.10 a day, cheaper than a gym or a doctor and surgery.

Back To Life is a must for back pain relief which has a 60day guarantee through Clickbank for a one-time fee of $37.00.

A fraction of the price from a gym and clinics.

Back surgery is a very serious operation and Emily, who was in a worse way with her back problems than most people, is avoiding it with this treatment.

Emily Lark knows back pain and is only trying to help you with you back pain and knows first hand just how bad it can be.

You now have Emily backing you.

And No Surgery, Yes.

Thank you for your time, Tom Short.


Back To Life Review, Success At Last

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